How To Write a Thank You Letterl After a Job Interview

According to a survey done by Topresume, 68% of HR managers or employers say that receiving a short thank you email makes a huge difference after a job interview.

We usually write thank you notes after a dinner party or when getting an anniversary presents. However, thank you notes or emails are just as important in your professional life. According to a survey done by Topresume, 68% of HR managers or employers say that receiving a short thank you email makes a huge difference after a job interview.

In the same survey, 16% of candidates were rejected because they didn`t send a thank you email or note after the interview. This means that making the effort to say thank you to the person you just met can make a big difference in the hiring decision.

Most of the candidates don`t send thank you emails after job interviews. They don`t feel there is a need as this is not a personal relationship, but a professional one. The truth is that writing a thank you note costs nothing and it leaves a positive impression with the interviewers.

The best way to do it is to send the follow up email in the 24 hours after the interview. You also have to make sure that you have the email of the person you spoke with. The hiring manager will most probably have multiple interviews during the day or the week so you definitely want to stand out from the crowd.

If you have connected with the company via a recruitment agency and you don`t have the contact of the HR manager, make sure to send the email to the recruiter. They will appreciate it and will certainly pass it onto the hiring manger. This is an important part of the interview process.

How to write a Thank you email?

When you start writing your thank you note make sure to include a few important points.

Create a Clear Email Subject Line

Here are several examples of a clean and precise subject line:

-        Thank you for your time yesterday

-        Thank you for the interview today

-        “Company name” seems like a great place to work

-        It was great meeting you

Start your note by thanking the interviewer for their time

Always start the email with the interviewer`s first name. Express gratitude for their time in an authentic and personal way. Don`t send a mass email to all people you spoke to, if you have their personal emails. Send them emails separately, they will appreciate it.

Tip: In order to be able to collect people`s emails, ask for a business card.

A personal thank you note is a great way to make a good impression if you spoke to several people in the interview round.

Mention something specific from the interview – a point you made or an impression you got.

Nothing beats being personal. You can connect with the person by talking about a specific issue or experience or even a skill that the HR manager is looking for. You can use it to stress your strong points and why you would be a great fit for the team and company.

Express your interest in the job opportunity

Writing a thank you email show your interest in the company and position. Many HR managers never write back to candidates because they often get the impression that they are not interested. Even a short thank you note is enough to show interest. Your job is to show why you would be a good fit but avoid looking desperate.

Ask for feedback

Sometimes even employers forget to ask important questions. Give them the opportunity to ask or get additional information from you by asking for feedback or asking if they have any more questions.

Ask for Next Steps in the process

How long is the hiring process usually? Is it two days, two weeks or two months? This will help you plan your time accordingly. It will also indicate how long you might be waiting for an answer.

Provide your contact information

You might assume they have everything they need, but employers often lose important information. Make sure to provide your full name, email and phone number. All HR managers are different in their communication – some prefer to call, some prefer text and some prefer emails.

Make sure you answer promptly and respectfully when contacted.

When to send the thank you email?

Ideally it should be sent in the first 24 hours because that is when the HR manager has the fresh impression of you. However, if you are really interested in the position and company, you can follow up after a week to check on them.

Final word on thank you emails

Thank you emails after a job interview are a quick way to make a good impression and improve your chances to be hired for the job. It is polite to send them after first, second or third interview rounds or anytime during the hiring process.

Writing a precise and polite email with the points above will hopefully give you a head start and get you the job of your dreams.