People want career change. Most workers would choose work-life balance over higher pay.

After millions of people lost their jobs during the pandemic, people are now looking for “something more". That can be a new job, a more empathic work environment or a better work-life balance.

There is one question workers are asking themselves right now and it is “What do I want out of my career right now?” The answer often is “A new job and a new start”.

According to a survey from FlexJobs, more than 68% of people are currently considering changing careers and most of them would change it to have better work-life balance than to get a higher pay check.

The Great Reshuffle or the Great Resignation, call it what you want, is changing the priorities of workers. Employers are scrambling to improve their company culture in order to find and attract more talent and often end up outbidding each other to secure quality people. After millions of people lost their jobs during the pandemic, the dynamic has now changed and people are looking for “something more". That can be a new job, a more empathic work environment, better work life balance.

Flexibility at work is now a priority. Every part of the economy will need to adapt to employees and consumers who have completely changed their view on how they want to spend their time and money. Companies will specifically need to adapt in order to create well functioning ecosystems.

Additionally, according to the same FlexJobs survey, workers are not worried about finding new opportunities. When asked how difficult a career change would be, many were confident that their skills are enough to get them a new job.

With the end of the pandemic, many employees aren`t just re-thinking their jobs. They are leaving them completely. Reasons are different– from burnout to just looking for better benefits and pay.

Last year in America, more than 3.9 million people quit their jobs, which is a record number of resignations. That indicates that while employees are looking for something more, companies are desperate to keep them. One way to do that is to offer incentives to new workers who are freshly coming in. These incentives can be employee development, flexibility and healthy company culture that provides better inclusivity.

In today`s job market, it is clear that flexibility is the greatest incentive of all. That doesn`t just mean working remotely but also to allow flexibility of working hours to people who need it. That`s why companies who offer these benefits are the ones attracting new great talent.