Working Parents and Summer Break: How to Keep Your Kids Busy

If you are a working parent who has been dreading the summer holidays for the past few months, you have probably spent a few weeks trying to make arrangements for the kids or plan activities to keep them busy. While you may still be able to take them down to the beach for a week or hiking in the mountain for a long weekend, you still have another 4-5 weeks of kids being at home.

But don`t worry! We have a few interesting, non-traditional activities that might inspire you how to keep your children busy while you are working from home.

Make a list

Make a List of Activities

Ask your kids to make a list of things they really want to do this summer. This helps them brainstorm their ideas and keeps them busy with planning and executing how to achieve their agenda. Go through the list together and try to accommodate at least a few things during the summer weeks.

Improve skills

Improve their skills

Summer is the perfect time to improve their skills. You can create a reading challenge or create a fun way to practice their math skills. It might seem boring to them, but this is where you come into play. Reward them with an interesting activity – an ice cream party, a disco night, a breakfast for dinner party or anything that might make them happy.

Turn them into little accountants

This is a great activity that is also a life lesson. Get the kids to help around the house with daily chores that will not only keep them busy but will also teach them how to be responsible. Reward them with little amounts of money that they can spend on the activities they put on the list they created earlier. A nice example would be cutting the grass, watering the flowers in the garden, wash dad`s car.

Let them camp outside

If you have a garden, this is the perfect time to let them camp outside. Let them enjoy the late summer nights while sleeping under the skies. Get them pizza, equip them with flashlights and you can enjoy a kid free evening inside.

Virtual Summer Camps

Enrol them for virtual summer camp

There are many companies and camp organizers who share fun activities online for kids to enjoy. There are interactive classes in photography, painting, coding or theatre for example. These will keep the kids busy a few hours a day and might inspire them to take on a new hobby.

Learn a new language

Many language schools offer summer language courses for children and adults over the summer. If your kids are older and bored at home, there is nothing better to occupy their time.

Grow a Garden

This is a great activity for younger children. Make them collect the seeds for the fruits and vegetables they eat and plant a small garden. This teaches them an important lesson about recycling and growing their own organic food. This can even be a year-round activity for them.

Learn to Cook

Divide the cooking lessons into two parts – healthy and favourites. Buy them a cook book for kids and let them choose their favourite recipes for lunch and afternoon snack. If they are responsible enough, you can let them cook it themselves while you supervise on the side.