5 Ways to boost your confidence

Ways to boost your self confidence

Feeling stressed, anxious or insecure is part of us. Each of us has our own worries and problems to deal with. Some of working parents, some lack confidence at work, some feel burnout, some are bored and don`t have a purpose. What do we all have in common? We all need support to overcome these obstacles and something to inspire us and motivate us to build a better version of ourselves.

Building confidence takes time. Some people are lucky to be born with it. But for those few who need to nourish and cultivate it, there are a few ways how to boost it. Let`s get to it.

Boost your self image

If you feel like nothing is going your way, remember that there is a solution for every problem. Dedicate some time for yourself. Sit down and write your best accomplishments. They don`t need to be only professional. It can be something from your childhood, or from school or from you an award you got. Remember how you felt and write it down. Then make a list of everything you are grateful for - material and non material. The positive feeling you get from all of this will have a great effect on your mental health and overall happiness.

Set realistic goals for yourself

Match your strengths with your goals. Don`t be unrealistic in what you can achieve because that leads to disappointment. Accept what you can and cannot do and set your goals according to that. There is nothing wrong with not being able to do it all. Eventually you will improve and your goals will expand.

Join a community

Being part of a group of people who share the same values as you is a great confidence boost. It allows you to see that everyone has their worries but also shows you how you can learn from their mistakes. If they can be strong and confident, so can you. Use the community to your advantage - ask questions, share experience, request feedback and networking with likeminded people from different backgrounds. It is truly gratifying.

Use the right body language

Confidence and body language go hand in hand. You can have a positive mind but if your body language doesn`t project that, it won`t resonate with people. Try to relax your body, shoulders and face. Don`t cross your arms. Open your chest and lift your chin. Stand with your legs in a wider position to show power. Have a strong handshake. And most importantly - don`t be afraid to speak loud and clear.

Be more optimistic

Negative thoughts are what poisons your brains. Once you start thinking about all the ways you can fail, your brain will only process information that will play scenarios of threats and obstacles. That is normal because our brains are built like this for self preservation. However, having a positive mindset is very important for your success. Some of the ways of training your brain to think positively is to turn the negative into positive. Develop a mantra for yourself where instead of saying I can`t you say I CAN because.... Visualize your happiness and success as if you are playing a movie in your head. If you find obstacles, think of positive ways how to overcome them. Reduce your exposure to things that create negative thoughts - social media, bad news, toxic conversations.

Use the right body language to boost your confidence

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