11 Productive things to do
when you are bored at work

There comes a time when you might find ourselves bored at work. We are not sure if we need a new challenge, a new job or just something new to do. Here are a few suggestions about how to be productive when you are bored at work.

1. Apply your interests

Is there something you love doing? Like playing sports, organizing events, visiting galleries? Try to apply these in your every day work life. It can be networking with your colleagues or an activity that can develop your skills and enhance your career.

2. Take more responsibility at work

Engaging with your managers and try to take on more responsibility that can showcase your abilities. It will make you more visible to your boss and it might lead to something meaningful.

3. Keep a journal

It might sound strange but spending 15 minutes a day to write your thoughts and experience in a journal can spark your creating thinking. It will motivate you to learn more about what is happening in your industry or follow important people that might have a positive influence in your life.

4. White an article on Linkedin

This is a creative way to share your views on your work or the industry you work in. It will engage people to share their opinions and give you insight. Don`t be shy to share it because it can lead to very interesting and inspirational conversations.

5. Improve your skills

Learning a new skill in or outside the company is a great way to boost your career, not matter the position your hold.

6. Listen to podcasts

Listening to a podcast while working is a great way to combine business with pleasure. It can be both entertaining and productive and it might give you ideas of how to develop in your field of work.

7. Become a mentor

Find out what mentorship programs are there and see how you can get involved. This will help you network and will boost your confidence as a leader in your field.

8. Expand your network

Networking is not always about meeting great leaders and superior businessmen. It is also about getting to know the people who are on the same professional level as you. It can be a great way to connect, learn and share experiences.

9. Clean your workspace

Organizing your workspace is a great exercise to help you organize your thoughts and to inspire you to do something new at work. It will create a different perspective of your workspace and of your work in general.

10. Chat with a co-worker

Expand your network at work. Invite a colleague for coffee and get to know them. It is okay to network with both your peers and with your superiors.

11. Find new talent for the company

If you company has a referral program, it is a great way to help them find new talent through your recommendation. It will inspire you to meet new people and will engage you with new potential employees, that can become your new network.

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