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About the company

Our team is based on people who combine managerial and human resources work in their careers. We enjoy being able to improve the lives of our candidates and steer them on a new career. And we enjoy bringing people to the company who can help it function well.

COVID taught us

The COVID 19 pandemic, which first frozen people for three months and then for half a year, destroyed our INTa (international talent acquisition) project. But it forced us to intensify the use of IT for human resources processes. During the forced lockdown, we intensively developed systems for online communication, and we implemented artificial intelligence tools in our IT systems for processing a large number of unstructured information.

Talent’em was born

Artificial intelligence tools speed up and refine the hard work of sifting large amounts of data, allowing us to focus on what we do best: understanding people and businesses and finding a common ground.
In the autumn of 2021, we are in pilot operation. We monitor and measure.
Sharp operation 1.Q 2022.

Talentem s.r.o

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Perks and Benefits

Talent`em is a Czech company with a Czech speaking working culture. Therefore candidates should be comfortable to immerse themselves into the local environment and be productive in the company language.

It provides a progressive benefits structure allowing employees to have flexibility in planning their own work, enjoy work-life balance, have time for innovation and gain experience by launching new projects. For more details on benefits see below:


✔Mobile phone


✔Flexible start/end of the working day

✔Meal vourchers

✔Five weeks holidays

✔Personal development courses

✔Career schooling

✔Food and beverage refreshments at work

✔Sick days off

✔Home office

✔Individual work time arrangements

✔Own organization of work

✔Dedicated time for innovation

✔Launching brand new projects