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A Company Sponsor is someone on the inside of your dream company who is willing to recommend you for your dream job.

We work with a selected number of internal employees who will dedicated some of their time to talk to you before you apply for the job, will give you tips for the job interview and will recommend you (if you are a good fit) directly to the HR manager or the team lead.

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GenWok Find a Company Sponsor

What does it include?

  • 60 min. consultation with your sponsor
  • Skip the line in the application process
  • Personal recommendation directly to HR department / team lead
  • Get valuable insight on the work environment
  • Get tips and tricks for the interview
  • Additional 60 min. consultation if you get hired for the job.

Price: 2000 CZK / 80 EUR

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GenWork Find a Company Sponsor

Why should you get a sponsor?

Each of us has a dream company in mind that we would really like to work for. Unfortunately, we can never guarantee that our CV will pass the initial selection process. That is why it is important to get a Company Sponsor and get recommended directly to HR department or even to the team lead who is hiring. You get a chance to skip the line thanks to that special someone on the inside, who is willing you to give your candidacy a push.

Perks of having a company sponsor

  • Expand network
  • Get familiar with the company culture
  • Understand work environment
  • Get tips for passing the interview
  • Get personal support before and after the hiring process
  • Get support to pass probation period

*As we have no control over the selection process, it is up to you to take all the recommendations on board and nail the interview.

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