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We support our corporate and startup partners with various programs designed to engage your employees and boost your image as an employer.
We support you in your diversity and inclusion efforts, employee experience, employee coaching and talent acquisition.

GenWork Corporate Partnerships
GenWork Company Culture SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

SWOT is a fast and cost effective way to understand the image your company projects
to the outside world.
We look at the internal and external factors of your company culture that contribute to your image as employer. 

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Company Sponsor Program

Nominate trusted people from your company
to be Company Sponsors.
This free service will boost your employee engagement and recruiting and will help you get more quality candidates. 

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GenWork Company Sponsor Boost Referral Program
GenWork Job Board

Job Board

Use our jobs board to access our exclusive pool of talent.
Our community members are engaged, motivated and looking for innovative employers on the market. 

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We offer you the opportunity to choose between Light and Elite Headhunting. Schedule a consultation with us to decide which one you need more. 

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GenWork Headhunting