Employee post-maternity mentoring

Get Back to Work Training

In partnership with Prague Training Academy

Maternity leave is coming to an end. What now?

Get Back to Work Training in partnership with Prague Training Academy is designed for women who have been on a long leave of absence from work and are coming back to the work place. The ultimate goal of the training is to help them catch up with the world of business, get back on track with current developments, re-awaken the business persona in them and remind them what the business environment is like.

Who is this Program for?

  • Women ready to kick start their career journey again after maternity leave.
  • Women who desire an easy transition back into the working environment
  • Women who need a reboot of their business skills
  • Women who want to set clear personal development goals.

This course will cover:

  • How to direct your career growth and personal growth at the workplace​
  • How to identify your strengths and values
  • How to define your mission and vision
  • How to boost your confidence and courage for success
  • How to define boundaries
  • How to find your inner motivation
  • ​How to define your goals
  • How to set action plans for your career growth
  • How to practice advance level communication at the workplace
  • Tools for work-life balance
  • ​How to make right decisions
  • How to develop growth mindset
  • How to create options vs. managing problems

Comprehensive live online training

The program is delivered via live online classes. We believe this format will help you to secure one of the most important assets of businesswomen – time. The live online course will enable you to join the course from your work, home, travel or holiday destination. The participants will have the opportunity to learn, practice and implement their learnings during the course time.


At the beginning of the program and at the end of the program you will have 2 sessions of career coaching with a professionally trained PTA coach.

Certificate of attendance

Participants will receive certificate of attendance upon successfully completing Get Back To Work Training by Prague Training Academy.

Duration: 2 weeks (twice a week, 2h sessions. Exact time and dates to be confirmed with attendees personally)

If you are a company looking to provide post-maternity mentoring for your employees, get in touch with us at hello@genwork.cz for more details.

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