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Partners Offer

  • SWOT Analysis on your company culture and work environment
  • Company presentation page focused on company culture, diversity, inclusion and CSR activities, working environment and employee development

  • Access to the jobs board

  • Help with the jobs description and keywords

  • Selectively targeting desired audience

  • First screening of applications

  • Communication in Czech, English, Bulgarian and Italian

  • Copy creation for the job and company on preferred social media (Linkedin, Facebook) ​ + dedicated budget for promoted posts.

  • Featured job postings and featured company space

250.00 EUR / position / month (***for bulk job placements write us at and we will assist with your needs)

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Job platform and dedicated company space

What you get by posting on it.

Flexible mapping of company roles
Flexible representation of company branch structure
Flexible company location model
Full auditing of job posts and application process
Extensive benefit representation per company branch
Planned tight integration with company HR platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a company to get onboarded?

Between 24-72 hours. We carefully select our partner because we want to work with the best employers on the market. That`s why it is important for us to create the proper representation for your company so that you get more people applying for your jobs.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

Supporting non-profit organizations who are in the business of diversity and inclusion in the workplace is very important for us. We are open to work on the basis of collaboration where our communities can benefit from our work. Get in touch with us for more information.

Are there bulk discounts for many job openings?

Yes, we offer special packages depending on your bulk order. For a bulk discount, the minimum order of job placements is five. If you are interested in bulk order, contact us at and we will address your needs.

Is there a minimum amount of positions we need to place on your jobs board?

No, you can start from one and have as many as you want.

Do you only work with big corporations?

We try to be inclusive in our partnerships and we are open to working with anyone who aims to create a healthy company culture. Larger corporations have D&I strategies implemented or planned but if you are a smaller company looking to have a diverse team from the start, we are the right place to start.

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